A Mantra of Insanity

Oh my gosh..January 1st...new year new me...a mantra of insanity.

I am all for someone using the 1st of January to pull their head out of their ass to get their shit together.

What I have trouble understanding though is the lack of action. Many think that the new year holds some magical power. A human made timeline that will miraculously change their life.

Most people are lazy.

Most people don’t actually want change.

Most people don’t want to work their asses off.

Most people quit before ever giving themself a fair chance to change.

I think social media has really messed with our heads. As much as I know the importance of SM from a business perspective and enhancing ones personal brand, I don’t see truths, most the time. Change is hard work. It’s not fun. It’s not appealing. It’s not glamorous.

Why do you think gyms are so busy for a few weeks or party stores sell the least amount of  cigs on 1/1, but then go back to normalcy a few days or weeks later?

Because people, no matter the time of year don’t actually want to change. It’s just facts. Read a non-fiction book about human behaviors and habits if you don’t believe me. Listen to your friends and/or family when they speak about making new changes and see how long they last. ****spoiler alert**** won’t last long.

It’s sad.

It’s frustrating.

Why is this the case? Why do so many people talk talk talk but never shut up and walk?

They say you are the average of the 5 people you hang out, maybe that is part of the problem. Maybe those you surround yourself with don’t push you, don’t hold you accountable. Maybe they don’t actually have your best interest at hand. Maybe they don’t really give a shit what you do.

I know, it sucks to think about. It makes your heart hurt a little.

But if you are one of those individuals that have the same conversations with yourself year after year and no changes are happening, the definition of insanity, maybe you need to really sit down in front of a mirror and do a self-inventory. Really evaluate your life. Have a really tough conversation with yourself, because if you keep doing the same shit you have always done, nothing will change.

Some of you reading this will be like wow this is really negative, it’s not negative, it’s true. Social media has glamorized life. Has made people soft. Has made people feel empowered by opinion. Everyone thinks they know everything about everything yet their life is a mess, they are lazy, uneducated in subject matters, the list goes on..like wtf. It’s weird.

Why do you think the majority of  successful people in the world have routines, goals, planners, accountability partners, coaches, mentors? Because the world is full of bullshit distractions trying to stop you from truly being better. They notice that most people around them want to pull them down and make excuses to not work harder or longer. They understand that saying no is critical to advance as an individual. They understand that most people are not rooting for them. It’s just fact. Literally it’s proven. So if you surround yourself with a bunch of naysayers, start there.

Do yourself a solid today, this year, if you are not happy or where you want to be in this life, stop doing the same shit you have always done and make changes right now. Cut ties. Create healthy boundaries. Say no more. Let go of seeking others for their approval. Forget about opinions...because regardless if you’re at the bottom or top people are going to judge you and have their own opinion of you.

Let go of all the noise, work your ass off, be better. We 

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