Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

***Warning, this blog post contains inappropriate language and may not be suitable for all ages. Also, contains a lot of truth, and society is soft AF and lacks emotionally intelligent individuals, therefore, may be difficult to read. If you find yourself getting uncomfortable reading this, please go to the closest bathroom, look in the mirror, and scream, "I am a little bitch"*****

Once Upon A Time....just kidding, trust me this is no fairy tale, this is life. 

You wanna know where real growth starts? It starts when you do the shit others are not. It starts when you begin to understand that you have been protecting yourself from outside unknowns, the unfamiliar. The moments when "fight or flight" begins to kick in and you suddenly being to second guess your next move. When you begin to feel your heart pump a little faster, your palms begin to sweat, your ears becomes almost super-ears. You begin to sense the world around you as though it just shifted. Fight or flight is no joke, instinctively, it's normal. An emotion designed to deter us from making unknown next moves, uncomfortable moves. But, as always, you accept defeat and return to your little nest you call, comfortable.

You are making real progress now!

Doing the same shit you always do, the same shit everyone else is doing, being average and normal. Fitting in. Accepting. Mediocre.

Want me to keep going? Do you understand what you are doing, or should I say, what you are not doing?

Again, just continue living your live as you always do, I mean shit, eventually what you want will just appear in front of your eyes, yeah right!

If you are one of those ^^^ people, just exit this shit and go back to your basic AF life. But, really, if you are happy being comfortable and average, then by all means, keep doing you. But, if you're sick and tired of the same shit different day, then you may find some value in reading what I have to say.

If you are still here, prouuuud of youuuuuu. At least you have the balls to expand your mind enough to possibly seek an understanding of something more.

Being comfortable being uncomfortable is doing the things you normally would not do, understanding that deterring emotions are present, but you still cognitively decide to move forward with the task. Trust me, you will feel a heavy pressure of unknown emotions trying to hold you back. Shit, you may even have a full on panic attack, you will survive, don't worry..been there so many times, each time came out the other side stronger. So once you catch your breath and realize your balls are still intact, keep moving, and do not stop.

Society has given each of us so many self-limiting beliefs. Beliefs that make us feel inadequate, lame, boring, common, list goes on. We each learn these beliefs based on a number of factors, mainly are environment growing up. For many of you, you had parent(s) that empowered you to live and think freely. Gave you all the necessary tools and resources to be your own being. For others, the complete opposite. Regardless, our youth shaped our beliefs that we abide by in our lives right now. Self-limiting beliefs are the destruction of imagination, free-thinking, and self-empowerment. We as humans are all born with God given rights and abilities. Although we are all created equal, we all do not live equal lives due to differences in will, motivation, effort, and habits. 

One of the main reasons we deter ourselves from stepping out of our comfort zone is because we are afraid to fail. Blame your parent(s) for their lack of being involved in early failures, and then not encouraging you to keep trying and going. Seriously, most people are afraid of failure. And when they fail, they stop, give up, go back to their normalcy, their comfort. "Fail Early, Often, and Learn Something" was a core value at a company I used to work with and I think it has so much significance in life. People are afraid of failing because of their need for others approval, not wanting to "deal" with the backlash of shit not going the way it was "supposed" too. Fuck that, and fuck them. You and your goals and your desires are all that matter, others opinions, which most won't be in your favor, are just holding you back, who cares what others think, just do you and grow. Embrace failure, its part of the journey. Failure teaches us what no book, no doctor, no professor can, it's our own realities, perceptions, and experiences that allow us to learn from such times and adjust moving forward, that is if you decide to continue moving forward.

Embrace the suck. What I mean is, during this notion of growth, uncomfortableness, you will experience moments of "this sucks," enjoy those moments, give them a big hug and smile. Laugh. Maybe talk to someone else that is going through a "this sucks" moment. Which leads me to a very important point, surround yourself with like-minded people. If you are associating yourself with losers, you are a loser. If you hang out with people that are average or have no growth mindset, you too are average and lack the proper mindset. The famous saying, "You are the average of the five people you hang out with," that shit is so true. So part of this whole stepping outside your comfort zone, is cutting ties with people that just do not get it, those that make fun of you for leveling up, don't support you. These people could be your friends, colleagues, and even family members. Have the tough conversation with them and peace the fuck out. This part of the process can be the toughest part for some people, but necessary to advance forward.

So, whats next, I do not know, it's your life. Its like if you ask someone, "What does success look like to you" you will get a different answer from almost anyone you ask. Truth is, I am still very much working on being comfortable being uncomfortable. I've failed many times, but never gave up. I've failed again, kept going. Quitting is not an option, quitting is for bitches. Quitting is for poor little Johnny sucking at soccer and his parents allowing him to quit the team, yeah, great job mom and dad, you bitches. Again, a lot of our issues as individuals stem from our up bring, it's true. Do not let your past define you, get off your ass and make change. Be sure to deal with some of your hurts, habits, hangups from your childhood along the way. Do not dismiss memories or pain you once felt as a child, embrace them, question them, seek truth and clarity about them. Shit, go to a shrink and pile all the bullshit holding you back on them, pay them, and walk out that room feeling like a stack of benjis ($dolla dolla bills yaaalll$). Oh, I did mention several times throughout this reading that we should blame our parents, which is true, however, you can't truly grow as a person if you are constantly blaming others for your mishaps or sort-comings. At some point you will have to forgive those that fucked your shit up, and move forward, legit though. I mean legitimately forgive whom ever they may be, let it go. For me, this was the hardest step, but also the most empowering and rewarding step.

You are created in the eyes of God, universe, the dinosaurs, whatever you believe in. You have devine powers within you to be and do anything you want, when you release whatever is holding you back, you become unstoppable and powerful. Your mind begins to think and speak differently, you walk differently, you respond differently, and you love differently. Shit is just different, better. 

But wait, theres always more. Once you stretch into a new zone, there is always another one waiting. This process of constant growth is not a destination, rather a journey. It's not like you will end up somewhere and be like, "okay, i've made it, I filled all of my desires." Because the second you think you are done growing, is the second you go back to being the way you were when you started.

If you made it this far, I really do appreciate you holding on. I hope you can pull out one little nugget from the above and apply it to your life. I would LOVE to read your comments and have further conversation around this or any topic for that matter. I love connecting with people that are inspired and motivated to seek change and growth. Please feel free to shoot me a message, email, comment on this post. If you find grammatical errors or punctuation mess ups, excuse them, I am not a professional writer or author. 

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