Be Relentless in The Pursuit for Success

Think about some of the biggest successes you have had in your life: graduating college, meeting your life partner, getting married, having children, maybe you made a really big sale, started a could be anything you are truly proud of. 

Now, think about what you were doing during those times that essentially led up to that particular success? Its not like you were just bumming around and being a complete lazy POS. I can't guess all of the things you were doing, but I can assume you were probably uncomfortable? What I mean is, you were probably operating outside of your normalcy, outside of your comfort zone. Your mind and body was functioning at a different, unknown height of  productivity and capacity. You probably experienced people, situations, problems, moments of success differently than you would encountered in past. 

Our biggest successes come from times of uncertainty, risk, complete exhaustion of resources, and dismissing the opinion of others. As you strive towards success, in which ever way you view that in your own life, you are constantly being pushed and shoved in hundreds of directions. Most of those directions are things or people deterring you from reaching a level of success. But before we place blame on those you surround yourself with, lets first thing about how they view you. They probably think of you as the average Joe, just going through life, working 9-5, coming home, going out on the weekends, living life like most people. But then something in your mind triggers a revolutionary emotion of hunger, drive, and determination to make substantial change in your life. Now that 9-5 job turns into 4am mornings, or earlier, and late nights, maybe no sleep. You would rather work on reaching your goals then going to the club for bottle service and expensive, overpaid, overvalued booths. You find yourself distancing yourself from friends, routine events, dinner plans, maybe some family things too. So now average Joe becomes someone different, someone unfamiliar to them. They are sending you sarcastic, but true, texts about you not coming out, or not doing this or that. Constant friction and determent from what you are wanting to accomplish. They just don't get it, and thats okay, its not their journey, not their life. Be sure to continue to love those people, ask for their support and understanding. It's going to be uncomfortable doing so, because most wont get it, and it will come to a point where you will need to shake hands and parts ways for a while, or forever. But, if they are true family and friends, in the end they will see, and all will be good. 

Great accomplishments and successes are rare. Why? Because most people are not comfortable being uncomfortable. The momentum to keep moving and moving and moving is the definition of what it is to be relentless. Being relentless is a choice, a lifestyle that most never understand. Constantly battling your inner thoughts and outside distractions. Relentless is the fuel that drives you when you feel as though there is nothing left. Its one thing to say, "never give up" but quit another to put relentlessness into your life's most valued causes. 

What are you capable of? Do you agree with what you can and cannot do?

The great part about being relentless is the ability to lean on it when you feel like giving up. Being relentless means never entertaining the idea of giving up, no room for fear of failure. Relentless only has one direction, forward. Theres no change of plans, no change in perspective, a certainly no change in your work habits. 

There is going to come a time, hopefully sooner than later, you will need to take an objective look into your life. An inventory of all things that align, or do not align with your fearless pursuit towards being successful. There will come a time when you will need to take a very hard look in mirror and tell yourself:

I am relentless.

Because at the end of the day, sometimes, that will be all you have.

Be relentless in your pursuit towards your goals and aspirations. 

-Stay Humble Hustle Hard

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