Books that will Change your Life

Over the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most well known entrepreneurs and authors in the world. Some of those entrepreneurs and authors include, Mel Robbins (The 5 Second Rule), Lewis Howes ( The School of Greatness), Ryan Blair (Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain & Rock Bottom to Rock Star), Daymond John ( The Power of Broke) , and Gary Vaynerchuk (#AskGaryVee), and more.

While working with this individuals in some capacity I have learned something very important, reading is a must in order to expand your understanding of the world around you and growth, both professionally and personally.

I am an advocate of stepping outside your comfort zone. Learning to be comfortable, while being uncomfortable is an invaluable mindset. When you expand your mind, or at least create an atmosphere that allows for that to take place, ideas, concepts, possibilities that are different then how you generally think, your life and the world around you begins to look differently, in a positive light. Learning and continuing to develop your mind, body and soul is crucial and should be something that is part of your everyday life. If you are struggling to align your life, look at your mind, body, soul alignment. I can bet you find something in one or more of those three areas of your life that need some tender love and care. If one of the three are out of wack, your life will not go in your favor. They all need to align in order for you to operate at your very best. Reading and expanding your mind is a great start. 

Over the past 10 years I have read hundreds of books and I feel I would be doing you a disservice if I did not share with you a few books that have changed and shape my life. Here is a list of books that will change your life 


Please note, I am an Amazon "Influencer" and do get paid a commission if you purchase one of these books. These books were part of my life prior to becoming an "Influencer" I hope you can respect my openness about earning commissions and that point alone does not deter you from checking out this list of books that will change your life.


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