How to Live a Better Life

Want to know how to live a better life?

Want to know what the "magic sauce" is to making significant change in your life?

Want to know where to start?

Want to know what not to do?

These are all great questions to be asking yourself. Usually a problem is solved by first asking a great question, then the action of seeking a solution typically follows. However, this raises the first problem with all of this.

But first, let me tell you a short story:

Once upon a time there was a dude, the dudes name was John. John was lost, broke, confused, frustrated, angry, sad, all the emotions you won't see your every day influencer posting about on their Instagram feed. John had been living this life for some time now and John had enough. John wanted to live a different life, a better life. So one day John used Google and searched, How to Live a Better Life. Millions of various search topics appeared within seconds. Overwhelmed by the search results, John clicked on the first link and read away. A few minutes later John hit back and selected the second link, and so on. This went on for several hours. John's brain was full of knowledge and stories and testimonies about others whom once were in his shoes. John went to sleep that night hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day.

The next day John woke up, did his lame, mundane morning routine. A few hours later after mindlessly scrolling through his social feeds he decided to get back on Google and find more articles to assist him on his journey of living a better life. Hours later, several podcast, many articles, a few motivational Youtube videos, again, his brain full of knowledge and content it was time to rest so John went to bed.

This routine went on and on for several weeks. He even began going out into the world to the local book store. Going out in public was a giant step for John. He pretty much locked himself in his house for months lost, confused, angry, sad, frustrated.

After a several weeks, John did start thinking differently. John started being a little more positive, posting motivational quotes on his social channels. John was consuming more content then he was a few weeks prior. Although John was thinking a little different, his life didn't noticeably change. He was still broke, lost, confused, angry, frustrated. Several weeks following John stopped reading, listening, reading some more and went back to doing the same thing he was before Googling "how to live a better life"

And this cycle went on for years. Failed relationships, lost jobs, mindless days, long nights.

Why do you think John's life didn't change?

What kind of change was John looking for?

What motivated John?

What was John's "why"?

Obviously it was a story, however very real in the sense that millions of people do the same kind of living, and most of the above questions were not even described in the context. The truth is, most people do not even know the answer to those questions. For those that can answer those questions, congrats, you are ahead of the game.

The reality is, you can read all the books, listen to all the podcast, attend all the seminars, have all the mentors you want, but if you do not take action your life will not change. No book, no podcast, no blog, no seminar is going to do the work for you. Yes, having resources and tools to help guide you is great, but its only great if you put in the work.

Majority of people want to be rich and successful but are not committed to putting in the work. Most people, especially on social media, flaunt a big game but are broke or can't even show their goals on a piece of paper. The first step to all of this is identifying what you want and what you stand for, your values, your operating principles. In words, outline who you are and what you want. Understanding those will help you tremendously with understanding your "why" behind what you do.

John had a good idea, a good starting point. He was lost, had no idea where to start. But instead of just taking action on his own life he sought out others lives and their experiences. Again, relating to books, podcast, Youtube videos, are great resources to have, but they are ultimately about someone else life, someone else's experience.

People spend more time, effort, energy and sometimes money to listen to someone else's experiences. Yes, hearing a success story about a famous tech mogul who started with nothing and now has everything probably contains a lot of valuable information. But, if you do not know why you want a better life and who you are as a person, that story will be very irrelevant.

Go out into the world and make your own content, your own success story. You may be confused about where to start, how about you just do the opposite of what you're currently doing. Truth is, you wouldn't be broke, lost, sad, angry if what you were doing was working. However, if you do feel those emotions, spend some time evaluating where those emotions stem from. This may be a very important part to living a better life. You cannot live in the past while trying to live a better today.

Learn to forgive. Learn to let go. Learn to move forward. Do not do this because of  someone else, do it for yourself. Empower your mind to release any negative emotion tied to others. Learn to be free in thought and expression. Learn to live life free from the need of others approval. Attaching yourself to other opinions in which then stop you from expressing yourself and living more free, is a disease and it will hold you back and halt your success story.

 Sometimes when you do a self evaluation, a self inventory some things may arise that you consciously, subconsciously buried for years, and it can be scary and disturbing. Just know that dealing with your past will allow you to be free today, and the future. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. If it gets too dark, use the resource below, make the call, get the help, move on.

If you feel depressed, alone, or thinking about harming yourself please, please, please use this:

Or call 1-800-273-8255

 Life is whatever you want it to be. An ongoing journey of self discovery and experiences. Its not like some day you are going to arrive somewhere and be like, " alright i've made it, its done, its over" Rather, its continuous in motion and thought. Once you reach one place, its on to the next.

Not everyone wants to live a lavish life, which is perfectly okay. Just be the best version of yourself, day in and day out. Yes, some days will be much easier than others, but each day is another chance to improve. Learn something. Meet new people. Eat unique foods. Tell that special someone you love them. Take that vacation. Say no more often. Say yes more often. Just be fucking happy. That is your divine gift as a human, happiness.

Just be fucking happy.

And if there is someone around you that is tryin to take that from you, well stop blaming them, clearly they are miserable. Remove yourself from the toxicity, wish them well, and peace the fuck out.

-Stay Humble Hustle Hard



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