Reality is, most people feel trapped in their lives, whether it’s a job, a relationship, or a certain life situation. Many, clearly know what they’d rather be doing, but either they don’t feel worthy, or are paralyzed with the fear of failure. Staying in an undesirable situation can be much easier to cope with than the fear of the unknown.

How in the hell did this happen?

How did we go from being free a child, to an entrapped adult, countless dreams and visions to cluttered minds and anxiety?

Self limiting beliefs.

Thats right, we flood our mind with self made limiting beliefs that hinder our ability to live life more freely and independent. We have all these “road blocks” created in our minds that blind us from a better, more healthier life. Yet, these “road blocks” you have created in your mind are recognized as a stopping point, a pivot towards comfortability, when in fact they are signs of a new way, a new path. Unfortunately, as humans, our natural senses cause us to rebel against those new signs.

The major difference between having the mind of a young person and an adult is that younger people are not yet aware of struggles in their relation to life events. Our minds connect with present day events to tragic or mindful events of our childhood. Fear, anxiety, poor upbringing, lack of will power, self confidence..I think you get the point. But children, they are FEARLESS! They will pursue anything that grabs their attention and stimulates their imagination and creativity. They never think or worry about “What ifs”

Don’t you get it that when adults pursue what makes them happy, their mind starts to think like they were a child again, Free, young, excited.

So when you stumble upon roadblocks, instead of feeling pressure and fear, learn to be grateful for them, accept them for what they are, new direction. Each turn in life may feel like a giant Ferris wheel, lost energy, wasted time, however, at every turn, there is always a life lesson waiting to be revealed. Learn to love each lesson fearlessly and with gratitude.


 If you learn to accept moments without fear and a heart full of gratitude, you will begin to love better. If you come from a place of love, in any situation, you are bound to live life better.


This is no accident, us all here on this earthly journey. Although each of us have our own paths and experiences, this very moment we are connecting. We are here as a team, trust this.

I can recall this saying that an old colleague of mine shared with me, “we are all actors, acting out roles in a magnificent play” This is not our forever place, only temporary. Do not allow yourself to return home with unfinished business. Live your life with passion and experience life from as many angles as you can. Discover your passions and pursue your dreams with the utmost relentlessness. Trust the process and remember, we can all feel and live life like a child does, fearless and imaginative.


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