What Day of The Week is it?

What Day of The Week is it?


A man made name to represent a day of the week within our calendar. A day that is joyful for most. A day of the week that signified the end of a work week. A day where people celebrate the next two days off.

Days off from what?

Each day is an opportunity, a blessing to make shit happen. However, for most, Friday is a day of the week that signifies relief, relief from their subpar life Monday-Thursday. But, why?

 What are you doing Monday - Thursday that is so bad you cannot wait for the days to pass till Friday? What is your mindset like Monday-Thursday that makes you think Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be any different?

Don't you get it? Clearly not!

Each day, regardless of what day, is another day, a new day. A new day to make things right, to work hard towards your goals. A new day to learn something new, a new day to experience life. Yet, you are more concerned with letting time and days past by so you can enjoy a few days of "freedom"

Freedom from what?

Each day is freedom. Each day is new in its own way. Each day, could be your last day.

But seriously, what is the deal with so many people focused on Friday? Like what is Friday? The answer to that question will be different for each of us. I cannot say that one answer is better than another, because, well its the reality of someone else's life. It's their perception of what they believe to be reasoning. Reasoning for their mindset, reasoning for their current situation. Their perception of day to day life is their reality. 

Our days are numbered.

We only have a certain numbers of days, and that certainty is unknown to our capacity of understanding the way of life, the universe, God, whatever you believe you in.

Sure, your jobs sucks, boss sucks, bank account is non-existent. Your friends suck, maybe your family sucks, I have no idea. But what I do know is that living each day waiting for another day to come is exhausting and such a waste of time.

You have the power to establish time in your own life, how you spend it. Yes, we all need "jobs" to pay the bills and provide for ourselves and loved ones, but that does not mean you need to be miserable and discontent. You have a divine power to live your life on your terms. Yes, it's going to be challenging and uncomfortable making change. You may fail, you may not. But, when you spend your precious time, the limited time you are given, your way, life becomes more fulfilling, almost instantly. 

Stop blaming others for your inability to take control of your life.

Stop blaming the lack of resources or money.

Stop complaining, because I promise you, no one cares.

Stop waiting for this day us humans call "Friday"

Stop letting days pass you by.

Stop pushing off your desires to be better and more alive.

Stop listening to your friends and family that do not empower you or support you.

Stop comparing your life to the lives of others, trust me, most of their lives are not that great.

Stop allowing negative self talk to deter you from obtaining the things you want in this life.

Stop seeking approval from others.

Stop thinking, and start doing.

At StayHumbleHustleHard.com we believe every human has the ability to achieve great success. Now, that success will look different to each of us.

There is so much opportunity in this world, its yours to take and run with.

You have a choice: Continue letting days go by and living your life on the terms of someone else OR face your fears and create a new way of life, one day at a time.

Stay Humble Hustle Hard- Never Doubt Your Instincts

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